Patients 50-plus

Restoring a natural smile

With dentistry 50plus in our practice, we offer you an integrative dental treatment concept based on your needs. Our main goal is to preserve your natural teeth and gums, followed by aesthetic and restorative procedures, often gently carried out with laser. We use only biocompatible materials for dental restorations, such as crowns, bridges, implants, and prostheses. Each dental piece is an individual work of precision.

We offer a preventive care program to support your health from a holistic approach. We focus on strengthening your immune system with various alternative therapies, which should be performed periodically. These therapies also help to reduce pathogenic germs in the oral cavity. Additionally, they allow the gums to regenerate and, in the best case, prevent cervical and root cavities, as well as dangerous inflammations of the periodontium, which, among other things, lead to tooth or implant loss.

Cavities treatment

We treat cavities with soft procedures and perform high-quality composite or ceramic dental restorations.

We identify if fillings or crowns have cracks, in which secondary caries may appear. In addition, we advise the removal of old amalgam fillings and replacing them with biocompatible and highly esthetic ceramic restorations. We check the accuracy of fit and functionality of our dental restorations using specialized software and digital tools.

Beautiful and healthy teeth are one of the best accessories you’ll ever have.

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