Practice Philosophy

We base our work on four fundamental principles that are closely interrelated:


A Holistic Approach

The medical approach, which focuses only on fixing the symptom, is required but insufficient. A holistic perspective in dentistry recognizes multiple factors behind the dental disease that must be analyzed and treated. In addition, every patient has individual characteristics and different medical history. Therefore, we provide holistic, individualized, and minimally invasive treatments to restore overall health.


Our primary ethical principle is to help our patients avoid future health problems. For this reason, we use the highest quality biocompatible materials that have no short or long-term side effects. In addition, we offer comprehensive professional teeth cleaning program to maintain healthy teeth and gums, taking into account both individual needs and disease risks. This program is complemented by alternative therapies that have positive effects on health.


Our dental procedures also have the all-important aesthetic factor in mind. We perform the best and most advanced dental treatments to improve dental function and smile according to the patients’ individual needs. We strive to meet the highest aesthetic criteria, whether whitening, correcting, restoring, or replacing teeth. Also, we rely on precise digital applications to achieve the best results.

Technological Innovation

Technological innovations in dentistry improve the diagnosis and treatment. They lead to more precise and less invasive dentistry, saving time and money and enabling the best results. In addition, the new digital devices actively involve the patient in the decision-making and treatment.

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