Our COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

Trust and Transparency in Uncertain Times

From March 2020, we are using a modern access control system made by the Berlin-based high-tech company G2K Group. This system uses temperature sensors and artificial intelligence to help detect people who may be infected with Covid-19 before they enter our dental practice. In this way, we can better protect our patients and staff and ensure the maintenance of our practice.

Our benchmark is always to offer the best and most modern solutions on the market to our patients. Therefore, we are particularly proud that our dental practice is the first in Germany to be equipped with this monitoring and protection system.

Our approach: Minimizing the risk of infection by detecting fever symptoms

Around 40% of people who test positive for Covid-19 in Germany have an increased body temperature. For this reason, at the entrance, the control system will measure the body temperature without contact using sensors.

If the temperature measurement is normal, the practice staff can allow access. However, if an elevated temperature is detected, we invite these visitors to an isolated area within our practice. We will conduct a short questionnaire, and, if necessary, they are referred to a testing center or a doctor.

G2K Group control suite application also makes it possible to record some personal data of a suspected infected visitor. This registration is done with prior individual authorization. Then we will send this data to the public health department to support the authorities in identifying further infected persons and effectively containing the pandemic.

Our new access system is a critical component in keeping our dental practice and patients safe. With this modern solution, you can rely on us even in these uncertain times.

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