Teeth Cleaning During Pregnancy

Dental Care for Pregnant Women

Preventive Dental Program during Pregnancy

With our preventive oral care program, we want to support the well-being and health of the expectant mother and her baby. The program is completely tailored to their needs. It focuses on care, protection, and dental hygiene measures to prevent the three most common oral bacterial diseases during pregnancy: gingivitis, periodontitis, and cavities.

We perform a series of gentle, professional dental cleanings and digital imaging diagnostics, if necessary, during the program. We will also teach you home dental hygiene practices, such as gentle tooth brushing and using alcohol-free antibacterial mouthwashes. In addition, we will give you some nutrition tips for your oral health.

Common Dental Health Problems during Pregnancy

Hormonal changes during pregnancy lead to a loosening of the oral mucosa. As a result, bacteria can now affect oral health more aggressively, as gums and teeth are more susceptible to disease. Cavities frequently occur during pregnancy. If the gums become inflamed, it is called pregnancy gingivitis. In this condition, bleeding gums can also occur, and the toxins from the bacteria cause additional stress on the future mother’s body.

The dentist should treat pregnancy gingivitis to prevent it from developing into periodontitis. This inflammation of the periodontium can lead to more severe infections or directly to tooth loss. In addition, periodontitis during pregnancy is suspected to increase the risk of premature delivery.

Is it Safe to Go to the Dentist while Pregnant?

Dental visits during pregnancy are intended to evaluate the mother’s dental health, perform preventive dental procedures, or perform a dental treatment.

Taking care of your oral health during pregnancy is crucial for your health. Professional teeth cleaning and dental treatments, in general, are safe to perform during pregnancy. The expectant mother can have regular dental checkups to prevent diseases in the oral cavity.

Dental Care for Future Mothers

As a preventive measure, we recommend that you schedule three check-ups with us, one in the first, another in the second, and a last one in the third trimester of your pregnancy. It is also essential to make an appointment immediately if you experience any symptoms, such as toothache, red or bleeding gums.

In addition, we recommend two professional dental cleanings. Make your first dental cleaning appointment earlier, if you are planning on it, or at the beginning of your pregnancy. With the help of very gentle and minimally invasive methods, we perform a professional teeth cleaning, during which we remove all bacterial plaque and strengthen your enamel. We pay special attention to hard-to-reach areas, interdental spaces, exposed root surfaces, and fillings or crowns edges. These places are ideal for bacteria growth.

If there are signs of an increased risk of tooth decay or periodontitis, we perform some non-invasive diagnostic tests or, if necessary, additional dental procedures. We will also advise you on your daily oral hygiene with proper brushing techniques.

The dentist should perform the second professional dental cleaning in the last trimester of pregnancy.

A dental cleaning program during pregnancy can help you avoid dental diseases. It is an optimal preventive measure.

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