Gum Correction

Pink Aesthetic For A Beautiful Smile 

A beautiful smile requires both healthy teeth and healthy gums. Gum aesthetics, also called pink aesthetics in dentistry, consider the color and symmetry of the gums.

The “gummy smile” is caused by thick gums that cover too much of the tooth, giving the appearance of short teeth. Conversely, when teeth appear too long, a gingival recession occurs.

For pink aesthetics, it is necessary to find the perfect gum proportion and color for each patient and perform the required gingival correction, cutting, or lengthening the gum to restore a harmonious smile.

Laser Gum Recontouring

We correct gums with modern laser technology, which has many advantages. Laser treatment is generally less painful, minimally invasive, and helps preserve tissue. It also reduces the risk of infection and accelerates the healing process.

If part of the natural tooth crown is covered by too much gum (gummy smile), we gently remove it with a laser.


In addition to white teeth, it is important to have a healthy gum color for a bright and beautiful smile.

Gum regeneration

In some cases, more intensive dental treatments are required. In case of gum recession or gum loss, we renew the gums by grafting and tissue displacement. Our goal is to restore a natural gum line, including interdental spaces.

When severe periodontitis with severe gum loss occurs, bone tissue is often damaged. To allow the gums to regenerate, we perform selective bone augmentation in these cases.

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