Oral Surgery in our Dental Practice 

Oral Surgery in our Dental Practice  

Oral surgery successfully treats various diseases of the oral cavity. The dentist may also use it to correct the appearance of the teeth and surrounding bone structure. Sedation or anesthesia is generally used to ensure patient comfort during the procedure.

There are several types of surgical treatments. In our dental practice, we use modern equipment and our team is staffed by well-trained and knowledgeable oral surgeons.

Endodontic surgery allows the removal of a destroyed or infected tooth. A patient may need to have a tooth extraction for a number of reasons, including decay or injury.

Tooth-preserving surgery includes tooth replantation after an accident, root tip removal, and fixing loose teeth.

Bone grafting/sinus lifts are preparatory procedures for the placement of dental implants or dentures. Additionally, we performed bone augmentation as well as tissue transplantation, removal of bony lumps, and surgical smoothing and re-contouring of the alveolar ridge.

Dental implant insertion is a surgical procedure where local anesthesia is usually used. After local anesthesia has taken effect, a hole is drilled in the jaw bone, and the implant is screwed into it. After the healing phase, we use lasers to regenerate the tissues affected by the surgery.

Surgical periodontal therapy allows gum and bone re-contouring and reduces the risk of periodontal diseases. This procedure includes removal of inflamed tissue, guided tissue regeneration (GTR), and, in cases of extensive gingival loss, gingival correction by dysplasia or tissue grafting.

Aesthetic periodontal surgery treats esthetic problems, such as gingival recession or excess. Aesthetic procedures reconstruct the gum line: in case of “too little gum” using tissue grafts; in case of “too much gum” (gummy smile) through surgical crown lengthening.

Moderne zahnaerztliche Chirurgie Berlin
We use modern equipment and our team is staffed by well-trained and knowledgeable oral surgeons.

Oral soft tissue surgeries include removing tissue overgrowth, treating severely inflamed areas (abscesses), and frenulum corrections (frenectomy).

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