Professional Tooth Whitening

Bright white teeth are associated with vitality and health and also increase your attractiveness. Professional teeth whitening aims to help you achieve this goal. It is a dental treatment conducted by a dentist to improve the appearance and color of your teeth. We recommend performing this cosmetic treatment under the care of a professional to avoid damaging the enamel and obtain natural results.

We work with high-quality whitening gels that are gentle on teeth and very well tolerated. No bleaching trays are used, making the treatment less complicated and more comfortable for you.

How does tooth discoloration occur?

Tooth discoloration can occur on the outer layers or inside your teeth. External tooth discoloration is caused by natural wear and tear, consumption of beverages such as coffee, tea, red wine, or smoking. Internal tooth discoloration is often the result of trauma, accidents, or root canals. In both cases, tooth whitening is an alternative to restore the natural color of the teeth.

Regarding persistent discoloration, tooth-whitening is not possible. In these cases, veneers bonded to the teeth are used to correct the discoloration. We also recommend replacing amalgam fillings, metal crowns, or bridges with biocompatible materials, such as ceramics, for aesthetic and health.

Tooth whitening: finding the right shade

For a successful tooth whitening treatment, it is crucial to find the right shade. Have you ever noticed this? In some people, whitened teeth look fake or take on a bright bluish color under artificial light. In contrast, a perfect shade of white has a visually balanced light effect and harmonizes with your complexion. Our goal is to find the right shade for you.

It is also essential to keep in mind that the color of teeth is not homogeneous but varies. For example, canines are usually darker than anterior teeth. Therefore, not all teeth require the same exposure time to the whitening gel. We analyze the color of each tooth individually to obtain a harmonious smile with a very natural appearance.

Let us advise you and get your beautiful smile back.

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