Photodynamic Therapy

Against -Periodontitis- causing Bacteria

Periodontitis progresses in stages and can rapidly develop in the tissue surrounding the tooth and severely harm it. Therefore, the dentist must effectively remove the periodontitis bacteria to prevent it and avoid secondary diseases. At the same time, the treatment must not put additional stress on the already damaged tissue. That is why we use Photo-activated Disinfection (PAD), an innovative, minimally invasive, gentle, yet highly effective procedure.

PAD therapy is part of our periodontal treatment. 

Our 4-Phase Periodontal Therapy

1. Pre-treatment and cleaning

Bacteria can multiply unhindered in their bacterial biofilm, a kind of mucous layer that protects them. It adheres firmly to the surfaces of the teeth and gums. Therefore, our first step is to thoroughly clean the teeth, interdental spaces, and gums of bacterial biofilm and tartar. This measure is done during an intensive periodontal cleaning or a standard professional dental cleaning. Next, the deep recesses between the tooth and gum, the so-called gingival pockets, which have developed due to disease, are cleaned with the tissue-preserving Perio-Flow® procedure. Finally, the exposed tooth roots are polished so that the tissue surrounding the tooth can regrow on a clean surface.

2. Disinfection for Tissue Protection

In this phase, the entire oral cavity is treated with antibacterial rinses and gels. This complete disinfection protects the healthy tissue from being damaged by the periodontitis bacteria.

3. Photoactivated Disinfection (PAD) Therapy

This step applies tolonium chloride, a gel-like dye, to the gingival pockets. Next, the pigment is briefly irradiated with a red light laser. This combination produces active oxygen that kills bacteria resistant to the cleaning of the previous step. As a result, the inflammatory processes can be stopped, and healing can begin.

4. Aftercare and Professional Teeth Cleaning

Follow-up appointments will guarantee the success of the treatment. Supplementary antibiotics are often unnecessary with PAD therapy but should be discussed case-by-case. As a measure against new infections, we suggest regular intensive and deep professional teeth cleaning.

We invite you to experience this gentle and effective therapy against oral bacteria in our dental practice.

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