Patients with Dental Anxiety

Overcome Fear and Build Confidence

Patients suffering from fears, phobias, or anxiety often lose confidence in themselves and their bodies. Patients with dental treatment anxiety are not uncommon. Some are afraid of pain or injections; others feel extreme anxiety just walking into the dental office. For other patients, a visit to the dentist is almost impossible.

As soon as you feel fear or anxiety, we recommend paying attention to your negative thoughts. These thoughts act as anxiety triggers and intensify the fear. Be aware: these negative thoughts have no power over you; positive memories and thoughts can replace them.

When you visit our office, talk openly about your fears and anxieties. We will help you experience your dental treatment without fear or anxiety. Your well-being is very important to us.

Patients with dental anxiety

Before starting a dental treatment, you will decide whether or not you want a detailed explanation of how the dental treatment will be carried out. In addition, we agree with you on a signal that immediately indicates when you want to stop the procedure. Managing anxiety is not easy and anxious patients receive our help and understanding.

Patients with anxiety and body memory relation

The nerve cells of the human body have a memory of their own. They can store both pleasant and unpleasant physical events, such as pain. For modern medicine, this finding is of utmost importance. Better dental treatments are being developed, patients experience less stress and tension, and recovery time is reduced. In our dental practice, we perform minimally invasive, tissue-sparing procedures that promote the comfort of our patients. In addition, we are sympathetic to our patients with anxiety. You can easily talk to us about your needs.

Effective ways to treat patients with dental anxiety

Painless dental procedures
We use a computer-controlled local anesthesia method, which produces an anesthetic effect immediately. With this procedure, the anesthetic injection is barely perceptible to the patient. If you suffer from high anxiety, we recommend using anesthesia. Experienced anesthesiologists perform anesthesia in our dental practice.

Gentle dental treatment
Thanks to laser technology, it is possible to minimize dental treatments’ duration and pain intensity. In our dental practice, we use different lasers to combat periodontitis, gently remove wisdom tooth removal, or perform esthetic corrections. Laser technology allows us to perform precise dental procedures that are often gentler on the tissue and provide greater comfort to the patient.

Biocompatible and durable dental materials
We offer our patients inlays, onlays, dentures, crowns, and bridges made of high-performance ceramics such as zirconium oxide, glass ceramics, and silicate ceramics. These types of ceramics are characterized by their excellent biocompatibility. Also, they mimic the color, shape, and translucency of natural teeth. These high-quality dental materials have long durability, avoiding unnecessary visits to the dentist.

A holistic and preventive approach to strengthen health
A person’s overall health is inextricably linked to their oral health. The oral cavity is – figuratively speaking – the gateway to the body. With our dental prophylaxis services, we offer preventive health care, with which costly and complex dental treatments can be avoided.

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